Option 1

  • Stuff the Pocket

    Slide an insert of your choice into the pocket opening.

Option 2

  • Forget the pocket

    Simply lay the insert on top of the diaper. Once the diaper is snapped on, the insert will stay right in place.

Option 3

  • For maximum absorbency

    Combine option 1 and 2. Place one insert in the pocket and lay the other on top.

Snap it on

Place the diaper on your baby as you would a regular diaper and snap the wings onto the front to secure. Use the bottom three rows of snaps to adjust the leg openings. With many durable snaps on the front of the diaper, it’s easy to find the best fit for your baby.

For a more detailed write up on getting the right fit for your baby, check out our blog post How One-Sized Cloth Diapers Work

Another question we get asked a lot is “Will these diapers fit my newborn?” we have an awesome blog post addressing that very question. How to Turn Your One-Sized Cloth Diaper Into a Newborn Size!

Disposable Liners

  • Avoid messy clean ups

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Avoid messy clean ups. Disposable Liners are made out of a paper thin layer of organically grown bamboo cotton. So they are 100% biodegradable. They can be used in addition to any of the options listed above. The liner will help contain the mess of a poopy diaper. Just throw the liner away! This will keep your cloth diapers much cleaner and easier to wash. They are sold in rolls of 100 and can be purchased here.