5 Things Every Cloth Diapering Mommy Should Know

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5 things every diapering mommy should know

Before I had my son, I knew I wanted to do cloth diapering. After everything that I read online, I just couldn’t talk myself out of possibly just trying them. I was a newbie and inexperienced. I had no idea what to buy or what to use. I was simply clueless and starting from scratch. Luckily, with all of the … Read More

10 Must Haves For Potty Training!

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10 Must Haves for Potty Training

When potty training is just around the corner, we have you covered! Here are 10 products that you NEED to have ready while potty training your child: 1. The Potty. This might be a “duh, of course,” but having the right potty is super important. These days, they have a potty seat that easily fits onto your toilet to help … Read More

Potty Training: 5 Tips to Help Your Child Learn

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Are you getting ready to potty training your little one? Here are 5 tips that can really help the transition from cloth diapers to no diapers a lot easier! 1. Use cloth diapers. Cloth diapers have long proved to be effective in potty training toddlers earlier and quicklier. When using cloth, the toddler is able to feel how wet they are when … Read More

How to Properly Dry Your Cloth Diapers the Correct Way!

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How to Properly Dry Cloth Diapers

When it comes to drying your cloth diapers, there are generally two ways to do so: indoors or outdoors and with a machine or without a machine. I actually do both! My personal favorite way to dry my cloth diapers are in the dryer, tumbled dry on the lowest setting. However, I only do this for the diaper inserts-not the … Read More

Are You Secretly Ruining Your Cloth Diapers? Avoid THESE Mistakes!

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5 Biggest Cloth Diaper Mistakes to Avoid

Cloth diapers are very durable, but delicate at the same time. There are certain things that should never ever be done to your cloth diapers-period. Here are 5 common mistakes that most parents make-and how to avoid them! Skipping detergent. I have heard so many times of countless mommies skipping detergent because they are too afraid that the detergent will … Read More

YES! You CAN Handwash Cloth Diapers!

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I went on vacation to visit my in-laws and my husband and I chose to bring along our Lil Bums cloth diapers to use instead of doing disposables for the 10 hour trip. Once we got to my in-laws’ home, I realized that there was a huge problem: they had hard water. Hard water has lots of minerals in it … Read More

How to Cloth Diaper a Newborn

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Even before my son was born, we knew that we would be cloth diapering him. We had all of his new cloth diapers just sitting there, stacked, prepped, and waiting to be used. I decided to wait until my son was 2 weeks old before trying cloth on him. There is no set timing to wait or to begin, but I … Read More

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Began Cloth Diapering

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I have been cloth diapering for eleven months now and at this time, I would totally consider myself a cloth diapering expert-in my mind anyways! However,  I keep learning new things every day and it keeps adding to my cloth diapering experience! I wish I would have had someone tell me these things before I ventured into the world of cloth. … Read More