How I Potty Trained My 2 Year Old Son in 5 Days

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Did you know that cloth diapered kiddos potty train faster and easier than kiddos in disposables? It is true! Using disposable diapers completely decreases the ability for baby to feel how wet or dirty he or she is-all thanks to the harsh, unnatural chemical called sodium polyacrylate that fills disposable diapers. Since cloth diapers do not contain any chemicals or … Read More

How to Strip Your Cloth Diapers WITHOUT Bleach

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Stains stink… LITERALLY sometimes. You buy your brand new Lil Bums Cloth Diapers and you want them to stay fresh and white, but if only right? I have been in a habit of switching to more natural methods of whitening my cloth diaper inserts and removing the stains. I have tried everything from bleach to baking soda, but this works … Read More

The Complete Cloth Diaper Washing Guide

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The world of cloth diapering can be very confusing in the beginning, but luckily we have broken it all down for you. You want to keep your diapers not only clean, but in good shape so that you can use them for the next child and so forth. We have broken down routines to help you with: prepping your diapers … Read More

How To Get Baby Poop Stains Out of Clothes

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Sometimes, blowouts happen. While it is true that blowouts are less likely to happen with cloth diapers, they can still be inevitable. I learned this the hard way starting out when I did not button my son’s cloth diaper correctly. Then next time he pooped-BAM! It was everywhere and the freaking out began. This happens to every parent.. unless you … Read More

Free Cloth Diaper, Anyone?

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Want to see for yourself why more moms choose Lil Bums Cloth Diapers than any other brand? Now, you can try our diapers-for FREE! Click the link below and we’ll send you a coupon code for one FREE cloth diaper of your choice. A $13.99 value! In return, we would love it if you snap a photo of your … Read More

20% Off Storewide Cloth Diaper Sale!

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We are proud to announce that we are having another 20% off sale for those who might have missed our last one! The sale will begin on Monday 7/18 and end on Saturday 7/23. Use code bums20 at checkout for 20% off of your entire purchase! Tell your family and friends as this is a sale you guys won’t want … Read More

8 Ways to Ruin Your Cloth Diapers

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I have taken such good care of my cloth diapers that they have lasted from my newborn son to now my newborn daughter-roughly over 2 and a half years of good use and still going. What’s the secret? you may wonder. The secret to keeping your cloth diapers in tip top shape is being conscious of what you do to them… … Read More