4 Reasons Cloth Diapering is Worth It

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4 Reasons Cloth Diapering is Worth It Have you ever wondered why cloth diapering mamas are always so enthusiastic? It seems like women fall solidly into two camps – those who adore cloth diapering, and those on the sidelines who seem curious but skeptical. Between all the brand choices, conflicting care instructions circulating the internet, and up-front expense it’s no … Read More


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Helllooooooo spring! We are having a flash sale this week that starts tomorrow when you wake up! Use code spring20 at checkout to get 20% off sitewide-this includes everything! *$25 minimum purchase before discount made be applied* The sale ends Sunday April 30th so hurry while supplies last!

Surviving Cloth Diapers Overnight

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Most moms are primarily concerned about a few things regarding cloth: The ick factor, leaking, and overnight diapers. I don’t find cloth to be extremely icky (the poop just plops into the potty–no swishing or dunking diapers for me), my cloth diapers never leak, and I’ve solved the overnight issue. The funny thing is that before he was completely potty … Read More

How to (Realistically) Cloth Diaper TWO Kids

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Before trying to conceive our second baby, my husband and I debated on whether or not we wanted two kiddos in cloth diapers. The thought of it was frightening and overwhelming to say the least! Can you imagine.. double the laundry, double the effort, and double the POOP? But being as stubborn as I am, I knew we could do … Read More


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In honor of releasing our two new cloth diaper prints this week, we have not one, but TWO giveaways for a chance to win one of our new prints! Our first giveaway is on our Facebook page. The second giveaway is happening on our Instagram page. Since there are two giveaways, there are two chances for you to win! Have … Read More

Say Hello to Our TWO NEW Cloth Diaper Prints!

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Happy February! We had a special surprise for all of you. We are thrilled to announce that we have just released two brand new cloth diaper prints this week. These prints are gender neutral and make the cutest addition to any lil bum! The first print is the Little One cloth diaper featuring antlers and arrows in a woodsy vibe. The … Read More